Frequently Asked Questions

An unopened bottle should be stored below 25°C. Once opened, the bottle must be stored in the refrigerator. Do not freeze.

It is not recommended to add the Penta-vite Multivitamin Liquids to warmed or hot food or liquids as it may denature the vitamins in the formula.

**Can be added to cooled or room temperature foods such as yoghurt, smoothies etc.

There is no set time that the liquid must be administered, however it is suggested to administer the liquid around the same time daily to avoid missing dosages.

It is recommended to stay within the age range as indicated on the Penta-vite Kids Liquid Multivitamin with Iron. For infants under 12 months, we recommend the Penta-vite Infant Liquid Multivitamin.

No, the Penta-Vite Liquid Multivitamins do not contain sugar.

The term ‘free from’ indicates that the product has undergone analytical testing to confirm the complete absence of the stated allergens.

The term ‘no added’ specifies that the allergen has not been added during the manufacturing process of the product. However, the product has not been analytically tested to confirm the complete absence of the stated allergen.

Unless a label specifically states, ‘free from’, we advise that you contact our customer care team before commencing supplementation to confirm the absence of stated allergens:

From time to time, the Penta-vite products may be updated resulting in minor formulation and labelling changes. This results in variations in products available to purchase as the former product is sold through.

 If you are unsure if your Penta-vite product is genuine please check with your pharmacist.

*Please refer to Consumer Care for further queries: